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Founded in 1979, Novavetro is the Italian leader in the manufacture, processing and sales of flat glass.


A company with strong local roots, 40 years of experience in the industry, tradition handed down from father to son and a team of engineers and specialists to meet all the demands of the market and to ensure the highest quality, all this is Novavetro today.

Its three facilities cover more than 30,000 square meters from San Severino Marche, in the province of Macerata to Castel Guelfo in the province of Bologna.

State of the art equipment, advanced technological research, finished product quality, regulatory compliance, reliability, punctuality, service and consulting make Novavetro a point of reference in the glass for buildings.

Broad diversification of products and workmanship, made possible by the most advanced technological systems, characterize the company’s production of large structural facades with thermal and acoustic insulation. Our glass is also used for flooring, partitions, stairs, railings, roofing and elevators.





Novavic, a specialist in marketing and distributing glass.

Novavic Spa, part of the Novavetro group, is responsible for marketing and distribution. Synergy between the Group’s sales and production networks means a quick response to market demands and high quality service.

Novavic, with over a decade’s experience in the industry, offers engineers specialised consultancy for their choice of glazing, with technical features tailored to the needs of each project.


A partner that can discover opportunities, with the energy and determination to achieve them.

AGC Flat Glass Italy

Novavetro is the lead Italian market wide glass producer. The company has grown every year by focusing on innovation and productivity. Important investments in advanced machinery enable Novavetro to offer any type and any dimension of glass transformed products such as laminated glass, IGU, tempered glass, laminated tempered glass and silk screen glass. Experience, flexibility, professionalism, product offering and a “customer first” mentality, put Novavetro a step ahead in the glass market.


Novavetro is an advanced and highly competent glass processor and Guardian in Italy is proud to be a partner. With modern equipment, Novavetro has the capability to follow up on any request for the Guardian SunGuard range of solar protection glass.

Guardian Europe S.A.R.L.

Pilkington Italia is a supplier of Novavetro, and recognizes the quality of a primary transformer and distributor of glass internationally, able to anticipate the times and define trends.

Pilkington Italy S.p.A.

We are pleased to have an effective and comprehensive working relationship with Novavetro, a successful company in the field of transformation, always looking for product and service innovations. Novavetro undoubtedly has high-performance equipment and technology and can transform the most innovative products and high performance to the highest level (selective glazing, Solar Control, etc.), such as those from the wide range of Saint- Gobain Glass.

Saint-Gobain Glass Italia S.p.A