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The Nova Vetro was born in the Marche hills in 1979.
Leader in Italy in manufacture, processing and commerce of flat glass, operates on a total area of ​​over 30000mq located between San Severino and Castel Guelfo.
The strategic role of Nova glass today is to transform the only material that has as main feature transparency in a product with energetic properties, acoustic and security applied to any building. We provide our customers a product with all the technical specifications for all the available versions and in compliance with all applicable regulations. The production is carried out in an establishment of modern conception, with high-tech machinery that optimize the production process and respect the environment.
The quality of the products, with the most modern processing methods increase our success. His deep-rooted regional presence and efficient production facilities, enable the Company to achieve its primary goals of high quality. The broad diversification of product and workmanship, made possible by the most advanced technological systems, are the strong point of the Marche. Satisfy all the demands of the market ensuring the highest quality in terms of product and service are its mission.

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Branch of Bologna

novavic logoAfter a long experience in the trade of glass, NOVAVIC SPA has started on a path of renewal and today is an integral part in the group SRL NOVAVETRO. Thanks to the synergy with the sales network and production group, NOVAVIC SPA is a dynamic company which is able to satisfy every need in real time. We offer a personal and dedicated service that responds to the most complex questions that the market requires. Each of our investment in people, goods and technology is produced with passion, to give value to the customer, always offering something more.

NOVAVIC S.P.A. -Via dell'Agricoltura, 5 40023 CASTEL GUELFO (BO)

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Ecology and solar cells

Tied to its land the company feels the need to render its work less invasive as possible to the nature that surround it.
The investment in photovoltaics make the company semi-autonomous about the energy requirements saving the emission of pollutants substances every year.